GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader Class Referenceabstract

An interface to download a file from Google Drive

#include <GCF3/IGDriveLiteFileDownloader>
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Public Member Functions

 ~IGDriveLiteFileDownloader ()
virtual QString id () const =0
virtual GCF::GDriveContent::Item item () const =0
virtual void setPreferredDownloadMimeType (const QString &mimeType)=0
virtual QString preferredDownloadMimeType () const =0
virtual QString usedDownloadMimeType () const =0
virtual void setDownloadedFileName (const QString &fName)=0
virtual QString downloadedFileName () const =0
virtual Q_SIGNAL void downloadProgressChanged (int)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from GCF::AbstractJob
 AbstractJob (const QString &kind, QObject *parent=0)
 ~AbstractJob ()
bool isStarted () const
bool isSuspended () const
bool isComplete () const
GCF::Result start ()
GCF::Result cancel ()
GCF::Result suspend ()
GCF::Result resume ()
GCF::Result retry ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GCF::AbstractJob
virtual GCF::Result startJob ()=0
virtual GCF::Result cancelJob ()
virtual GCF::Result suspendJob ()
virtual GCF::Result resumeJob ()
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setDescription (const QString &desc)
void setIconUrl (const QString &iconUrl)
void setIcon (const QVariant &icon)
void setStatus (const QString &statusMsg)
void setProgress (int val, const QString &msg=QString())
void setError (const QString &errMsg, bool abort=false)
void clearError ()
void abort (const QString &msg)
void done ()
- Properties inherited from GCF::AbstractJob
QString kind
QString title
QString description
QVariant icon
QString iconUrl
QString status
int progress
bool hasError
QString error

Detailed Description

Instances of objects that implement this interface are created using GCF::IGDriveLite::createFileDownloader()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::~IGDriveLiteFileDownloader ( )


Member Function Documentation

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::id ( ) const
pure virtual

Id of the file item that needs to be downloaded.

QString id of item
GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::item ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns Item whose contents needs to be downloaded.

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::setPreferredDownloadMimeType ( const QString &  mimeType)
pure virtual

Sets the preferred download mime type to download. When a document is been created using google docs in google drive. We are given an option to download it as pdf, image, etc. By setting a mime type the downloader will download in that format.

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::preferredDownloadMimeType ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the currently set download mime type for the current file Item.

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::usedDownloadMimeType ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the used mime type to download the file.

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::setDownloadedFileName ( const QString &  fName)
pure virtual

Sets the download file name to 'fName'.

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::downloadedFileName ( ) const
pure virtual

The name of file as which the current item has been downloaded.

GCF::IGDriveLiteFileDownloader::downloadProgressChanged ( int  )
pure virtual

This signal is emitted when the download progress is changed.