Modules in GCF

One of the central changes in version 3 of GCF is that it is now modular. GCF is now spread across the following modules

  • GCF3 - core of GCF. Contains all component management mechanisms and a few helper classes.
  • GCFGui3 - offers support for GUI components. By default GCF3 offers support for components that use QtCore only. If you are writing GUI applications; you must link against GCFGui3 module.
  • GCFQuick3 - offers support for QML components. [NOTE: This module is available only for Qt 5]
  • GCFIpc3 - offers support for inter-process communication between your GCF applications.

If you want to use any of the above modules, you can simply add the module name to CONFIG line in the project file OR include the corresponding prf file. For example:

include($$GCFDIR/QMakePRF/GCFGui3.prf) # for using the GCFGui3 module

# OR


For further information on each module, click on any of the links below