Qt is awesome!

Having followed Qt from the year 2000, I can tell with great adulation that Qt has come a long long way. From being a chance encounter to putting food on my table, Qt has been the centre piece for almost all my career. I would love to create excitement, fun and great software development experience for your team as you build world class products to solve compelling problems.

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Qt Training

If I have to mention only two core concepts that paves way for effective usage of Qt, they would be:

    1. The Qt Way of Software Design (QObject – QMetaObject – Signals/Slots – Events – Aggregation as opposed to Multiple-interface-implementation)
    2. The Qt Way of Thinking (Model-View-Delegate)

Almost everything else can be thought of as supporting structures. These two concepts, if mastered, can leave developers with great sense of confidence as they leverage the best of Qt. My training programs on Qt are focussed on mainly these two things. Participants do learn about widgets, QML, networking and many other things,  but they do so in the backdrop of these two core concepts.

I have had an opportunity to conduct more than a 100 Qt Training programs all over the world, learn from many developers, from many problem statements, from many software design & development approaches and polish my approach to Qt Training. I am as excited about Qt today as I was 19 years ago.

Get in touch to know more about Qt Training. Let’s create excitement, fun and an extraordinary learning experience for your team.

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From ONE to FIVE to almost TWENTY and now back to ONE. My name is Prashanth Udupa. Here is a brief story of VCreate Logic, since the time I started it; until NOW.

My first chance encounter with Qt was in the year 2000. I was in my 5th semester of my Engineering program and was advised by my junior hostel mate to use Qt for my UI project. I have been in love with Qt since. Since my first employment in Bengaluru and then at Kolkata, I have been using Qt at work.

In the year 2005, I started VCreate Logic, to offer product development and consulting services by leveraging Qt. Along the way I developed love for OpenGL & VTK as well.

VTK Designer, which is still used by many around the world, was our first open-source Qt/VTK based project. At its core was Generic Component Framework (docs, source-code) that provided a reusable component model for applications. We developed GCF until 3.0 after which we could no longer maintain.

In ten years, VCreate Logic had grown from just me to about 20 people including full-time, part-time and interns. We had an opportunity to do some wonderful work for companies like Cadence, Taray, PDF3D (UK), txtr (Germany), SolData (France), 3M (USA), Bibliotheca (USA), Mettler Toledo Turing Software, Bharath Electronics, WESEE, ISRO, Mindtree, Havelsan (Turkey) and Nokia to name a few.

In 2015, I decided to take a step back for personal reasons and focus on independent consulting. The team at VCreate Logic moved on to other ambitions and are doing spectacularly well in their new jobs.

Personally, I have moved on and independently consulted, mentored and trained hundreds of developers to enjoy working with Qt as they write software applications using it. I continue to work on personal pet projects using Qt even as I help companies professionally. I am excited about building good looking, purposeful, well designed, large and extensible software that can not only solve business problems but also make the whole process pleasurable for developers, who mostly spend 8-10 hours each working day writing software. It would be so much more satisfying to make that time fun, enjoyable and worthwhile. I believe that coding can be one of the most rejuvenating things a software developer can do and that’s precisely what I step out to create when I consult, mentor or train.

Oh while you are here, do take some time to take a look at my latest project: Scrite – a Multiplatform desktop screenwriting app, developed using Qt & QML.