GCF::IGDriveLiteAuthenticator Class Referenceabstract

This is class helps the user to authenticate..

#include <GCF3/IGDriveLiteAuthenticator>
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Public Member Functions

virtual QUrl authenticationPageUrl () const =0
virtual GCF::Result authenticateFromPageTitle (const QString &title, QObject *notifyObject=0, const char *notifySlot=0)=0
virtual GCF::Result refreshAuthentication ()=0

Detailed Description

There will be only one instance of GCF::IGDriveLiteAuthenticator in GDrive component . You will have to set the client ID and client-secret inorder for authenticator to give proper url for authentication. For Details about client ID and other things please refer to GCF's GDriveLite component.

Once instantiated, you will need to authorize GCF::IGDriveLite to access the drive content and work with it. Read Authorising GDriveLite to access drive data for more details.

Access tokens are automatically refreshed, but you can trigger it manually using GCF::IGDriveLiteAuthenticator::refreshAuthentication() also.

Member Function Documentation

GCF::IGDriveLiteAuthenticator::authenticationPageUrl ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns authentication Url which should be loaded into a web page and shown to user to enter his/her credentials.

QUrl which needs to be shown to the user for authentication.
GCF::IGDriveLiteAuthenticator::authenticateFromPageTitle ( const QString &  title,
QObject *  notifyObject = 0,
const char *  notifySlot = 0 
pure virtual

This method gets access token from the changed authentication url after user has authenticated.

titlethe changed url after user authentication which contains the success code.
notifyObjectobject to notify once the access token is retrieved by authenticator.
notifySlotslot to notify in the notifyObject once the access token retrieved by authenticator.
GCF::Result which contains success or failure based on whether sending request for access token was successful or not.
GCF::IGDriveLiteAuthenticator::refreshAuthentication ( )
pure virtual

Refreshes the access token. For refreshing authentication the user must have been authenticated at least once.

GCF::Result which contains success or failure based on whether sending request for refreshing was successful or not.