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VTK Designer 2 is visual editor for creating and editing VTK pipelines. It is built using Qt, VTK and Generic Component Framework (GCF). It is a highly flexible, extensible system; attributed to its use of GCF.

VTK Designer is very productive for companies that require 3D visualization in their products. Companies that develop visualization solutions in general and medical visualization in particular make up a large part of VTK Designer audience. VTK Designer target customer majorly comprises of universities, research institutes and software vendors.

Commercial Functionality plug-in

VTK Designer v2 is available for free download for Non-Commercial development. For customer with commercial interest is required to buy GCF commercial licenses and request VTK Designer components bundled along with it. VTK Designer v2 is not independently available under commercial license.

For customer interested in additional functionalities of VTK Desginer, VCL offers value added services such as development of extensions or plug-ins for already available VTK Designer version. Plug-ins which are normally not available as off-the-shelve VTK Designer, such plug-ins shall be developed at extra cost and distributed under commercial licensing.Few commercial addons

  • Parallel Rendering and Computing
  • FEM Algorithms and Pre/Post Processing
  • Rigid Body Dynamics Simulation
  • Haptics Interaction
  • Stereo Rendering
  • 3D Export

Cost of the add-ons based on availability and other business proposition.

As a matter of fact, our products are widely used and appreciated by developers, researchers, scientists and students around the globe.